Drinking from the Trough

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2019 International Book Awards
2019 International Book Awards | Winner: Best New Non-Fiction | Finalist: Animals/Pets: Narrative Non-Fiction
Winner, 7th Annual Beverly Hills Book Awards®
Winner, 7th Annual Beverly Hills Book Awards® | WINNER: Animals & Pets | WINNER: Regional Non-Fiction, West | FINALIST: Memoir & Autobiography


What reviewers are saying about Drinking from the Trough

"...Animal antics are on full, delightful display throughout these pages—and so is the pain of losing them, always affectingly related by the author." —Kirkus

There is just the right mix of humor, cuteness, respectful insight and informative content to make this a generally good read. If you are squeamish, you may not want to know everything about what happens inside your pooch or kitty (sorry, Dr. Mary – dog and cat). If you are planning a career in veterinary medicine, this book will give you a good idea of what to expect from the difficult training period, as well as the reality of practicing. What is truly admirable is the grace with which Carlson writes about death – the passing of beloved pets and valued family members of the human kind. It is a topic which many people find difficult to broach at all. Yet the author demonstrates that it is through knowledge and honest self-expression that we can create an atmosphere that preserves a proper respect for the dignity of life through a better understanding of its frailty.
Carine Engelbrecht for Readers’ Favorite

“Drinking from the Trough,” is told in first person by gifted storyteller, Mary Carlson, DVM, sharing the wonderful memoirs of her life with her husband and four-legged family members. [. . . . ] Readers who love animals will really find “Drinking from the Trough” by Mary Carlson, DVM, to be a treasure.
Paige Lovitt for Reader Views

“Throughout the book her love of animals and her recognition of their importance in her life is a constant theme.” 4/5 stars
—NetGalley Reviewer

. . . And about the audiobook!

“The audiobook version of Drinking from the Trough, A Veterinarian’s Memoir is brought to life with talent and passion by Sara Morsey. From the first minutes I was immersed into the author’s world thanks to the natural performance, as I imagined a proper lady in the Autumn of her life telling me her story, delighting me at every step with funny musings and making me visualize everything in my mind’s eye like it was happening right now and there. [. . .] I strongly recommend Drinking from the Trough by Mary E. Carlson and performed by Sara Morsey to all those who loved a dog, a cat or even a bird at some point in their lives…”
—Victor Dima, The Audiobook Blog

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