Drinking from the Trough

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Launch party for Drinking From the Trough, August 29, 2018
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Available August 28, 2018

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What reviewers are saying about Drinking from the Trough

"...Animal antics are on full, delightful display throughout these pages—and so is the pain of losing them, always affectingly related by the author." —Kirkus

“This book was a brilliant example of animal memoir (one of my favorite genres!) and a must for all animal lovers. Four stars.” 4/5 stars
—NetGalley Reviewer

‘Finally she finds that life, especially one full of lovable animals, is truly worth living. Highly highly recommended for Mary’s delightful storytelling and life-affirming journey.” 5/5 stars
—NetGalley Reviewer

“Throughout the book her love of animals and her recognition of their importance in her life is a constant theme.” 4/5 stars
—NetGalley Reviewer