In my trough today-snow and horseshoes.

What’s all that white stuff on the ground? Snow. I almost forgot, because this is the latest first snow I can remember here. It’s steadily snowing, and we are expecting friends from Laramie tonight to go to the theater. I doubt they will be able to make the trip.

When there is snow on the ground and your horse is shod, be sure to knock off those ice balls that can form under the hoof. It can be uncomfortable for your horse, and could possibly cause lameness. We pull shoes about this time of the year, but we check anyway.

Good farriers are so hard to find these days! We are fortunate to have a DVM who stayed after vet. school to shoe horses. He has turned out to be an invaluable part of the CSU Equine team, as he does special shoeing for patients at the vet. hospital. Big ups to Dr. Shawn Olson.

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