Expect the unexpected

Frank had a reprieve yesterday. He was scheduled for a bath with C.J. I put the brothers in the cat room at ten in the morning for Frank’s scheduled bath. One o’clock came and went.

I called C.J. She said two obnoxious dogs that took up her time had gotten her schedule off the tracks. She also said she was dealing with possibly putting her horse down today or tomorrow.

We agreed that she could come at 5 or after, so she could get caught up and Earl and I could go to the health club. We got home in plenty of time to wait for C.J. She never did show. At 6, I called her to tell her it would be best to reschedule, and that she should care for her horse. Frank will get his bath eventually. So what if he spent all day locked in a room? He had heat, water, a stereo, and the company of his brother. Not such a bad life.

Sometimes things we don’t expect sidetrack us. Earl came downstairs this morning and said that his recent skin cancer site had popped open, two days after suture removal. He was on the way to the dermatologist. He didn’t anticipate having another lesion removed two days before we went to Florida so he could present his research at a veterinary sports medicine conference. The surgery line was from his eyelid all the way down his cheek. He had a tremendous shiner. In a dark conference room, it was not noticeable. The sutures were removed when we came back, and next he had the surgery on the other tumor, the site of which opened up this morning.

Life hits us in many ways. You never know what’s going to happen. I just try to be pleasant. Sometimes I am not successful, but I work it. 

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