Winter is a great time to enjoy horses

Winter can be a fun time with horses. We do not have an indoor arena, so our riding is limited by weather. I see lots of people up at the state park who ride no matter what the weather. I however, am not one to ride in strong wind. The horses are fine, they live in wind, but I prefer to use the health club when it is really windy.

The last few weeks, we have been able to enjoy our horses both on the trail and at home. We have had a few good days of riding, and when it isn’t wonderful weather to take a horse out, I have ridden Hannah in the corral.

Pretty Hannah gets so excited to ride! At the park, she dances around like a racehorse, and would love to run full blast. This is dangerous, not only to the rider, but also to the horse who is not in top shape in the winter. Hannah, in fact, IS part racehorse. Her great-great-grandsire was Shecky Greene, who ran 6 th in the 1973 Kentucky Derby, won by Secretariat. This genealogy definitely shows in Hannah’s Thoroughbred looks, and in her sensitive Thoroughbred feet.

Earl gets his walking in by leading Scooter around the corral. Scoot is so funny, a regular comedian. Horses, when you really know them, have such charming personalities.

On an otherwise gloomy day, it is relaxing and enjoyable to hang out with the horses. Both get a good grooming, which is important in winter, and we all get mutual companionship. The horses get to stay in shape, and we keep our riding muscles ready for action.

Colorado has no spring like that of my childhood in Chicagoland. There is a late winter with a little warm weather, but summer really follows late winter. It once snowed three feet in May 1978. The Great Blizzard of 2003 came after the first day back at school from spring break, and the town shut down. We were snowbound. School didn’t reopen until the following Monday.

I also think at this time about how ill the horses were last year. Hannah finished a bout of pneumonia that included a week of hospitalization, and then Scooter was found to have a massive abscess in his abdomen. He went to surgery, was hospitalized for twelve days, then finished his treatments at a rehabilitation stable up in mountains. We are so thankful that they are with us today.

Have fun with horses during winter. Cure those winter blues with some fresh air, sunshine, and the company of wonderful equine friends.

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