A pig story for flu season-truth IS stranger than fiction

After mentioning Brad Pigg, the pot-bellied pig owned by the nice lady who rehabbed Scooter after his surgery last year, I got to thinking about two true pig stories I always told my students during fetal pig week at school. Since it’s flu season, perhaps this one will do for now. It is the story of a girl whose mother was eaten by pigs. How about that for exciting junior high kids?

A vet student in the class ahead of mine told the story to me. Her friend lived on a farm in Nebraska. The girl went off to school leaving Mom home with the flu. When you care for livestock, you can’t just have them skip a meal while you sip orange juice and chicken soup, now can you? Anyway, Mom went out to feed the pigs, fainted and fell into the pigpen. Pigs are omnivorous eaters, so they ate her. I suppose the girl came home and looked for her mom. “Mom?” “Mom?” “MOOOOOOOMMMMMMMM!!!” True story. Pigs, especially sows, can be vicious.

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  1. I’m new at blogging. I don’t know who Kim Stagliano is, or if s/he is claiming my story, but if you click on the blog, it reverts back to mine. Readers, any opinion here?

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