America’s funniest cat-Franklin!


Our cats never fail to delight us with their antics. This morning, Franklin bought a new high to the things cats will do.

I was doing some laundry. We are lucky to have a washer and dryer upstairs. Schlepping laundry downstairs to the geographically farthest place away in the house was daunting, especially after my hip soap opera. Steep stairs, heavy basket, orthopedically challenged-you get the picture.

Cats like to jump into laundry baskets. They like to jump into anything, period. Buy a cat a toy? They play in the bag. It was not funny, however, when Matthew jumped into the open dryer while I was putting some clothes in. I have treated patients for this after the owner heard thunking in their dryers. Dizzy kitties.

Back to Frank. Earl decided to turn the basket upside down on Franklin so that he was in a cage of plastic. Ok, cool cat, no problem. So, we called to Frank to come. He did, basket and all. Seeing a large laundry basket moving around the room was a hoot! Frank did this over and over. Earl and I were on the floor laughing. I wish we had a video camera.

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