Today was a snow day for Fort Fun. We were warned, and for once, the weather reports were correct.

I looked out the window at 5 am, and it was lightly snowing. The blizzard-defining winds came later. The weather was a perfect excuse to stay inside, read, watch DVDs and get some household chores done.

While doing the laundry, we also changed the sheets on the bed. Out of the west window, we could see Hannah and Scoot frolicking in the corral. Scoot was frolicking, I guess, Hannah is in season. I object, in the world of humans, when guys are called studs, but women are called sluts. I gotta admit that when she is in heat, Hannah is indeed a slut. Mares have a very definite expression of their estrus cycle. They flag their tails at what a vet school professor called ‘boy horses.’ They dribble urine, ‘wink’ their genitalia and nuzzle and nip at boy horses. Now Scoot is indeed a boy horse, but he was snipped at the age of two. He is always attracted to a pretty mare, but he can’t do anything about it. Poor boy. My Black Non-Stallion. Studly Can’t Do Nothin’. It’s also a crap shoot riding a mare in heat. Hannah usually is glad to get out and blow off a little steam with a nice romp in the mountains. But not today in zero visibility.

Earl and I always make the bed slowly, because invariably we have hysterical feline help in the form of Matthew, Frank and Cowboy Joe. This morning, we rolled Frank up in the sheet he was on. He escaped. Matthew, the Top Cat, got under the sheets. He loudly protested when Earl patted him from the outside. “Rooowwwww.” Frank saw an opportunity to torment his tormentor. He pounced on Matthew, still underneath the sheets. Had Matt been above and Frank tried this, Frank would have gotten a kitty beating from the orange boy.

The Wonder Husky was in Siberian Heaven. She stayed outside all day, and came in late in the afternoon. By then, the winds had died down, but the snow was still falling steadily. At least she didn’t escape into the blizzard as she did in 2006. Find that post and read about my canine escapee.

A snow day can give one respite from the rushed world of everyday living. It is an excuse to stay close and enjoy being home. We remind our pets that they are here solely for our amusement. They never fail to fulfill their job descriptions.

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