Troy’s Place giving comfort to our troops

Norris Burkes writes a syndicated column that appears weekly in our local paper. He is a hospital chaplain, freelance writer and Air National Guard Chaplain.

I like Burkes’ columns. They are spiritual without preaching. He writes compelling stories, especially since he is now deployed to Iraq. His website is

One time, Burkes talked about Troy’s Place, a gathering place for the troops to relax in a wholesome environment during off duty time in memory of Major Troy Gilbert. Troy’s Place is a morale-building site, where military members find comfort items such as movies, books, magazines, music, games, stationery, etc. There is no charge to them. Donations are requested. Shipping USPS flat rate saves money, especially on heavy items. Visit the website to see how you can help out. This is a great way to help out our military with some of the comforts of everyday life. Imagine what a thrill it is to get a snack of Pop Tarts, lotion, deodorant, or international phone calling cards to call the family.

Send items to the base chapel at: Chaplain Norris Burkes, Troy’s Place 332 AEW/HC, APO AE 09315-9997. Although Burkes is soon to return to the States, His name is there because the mailbox needed a name.

Can you help our brave troops? And how about the military dogs?

Bye the way, Earl did not dodge the cancer bullet. Surgery soon. More on this later. Send our troops some goodies in the meantime.

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