No cancer for my guy!

After having half his colon removed, a half liter of fluid, and numerous lymph node biopsies, Earl does not have colon cancer. The pathologists even reported a normal appendix. Whew!

The two lymph nodes in his neck that lit up on the PET scan were suggestive of metastatic activity from the large skin tumor, not melanoma, that he is so susceptible to being 39 years out of a kidney transplant. These will be radiated right along with the area where the tumor was removed. 

Our hospital is so fantastic. Its mission is quality care for all. Consistently over the years, it is a top 100 hospital, hence the 2008 Baldrige award. I am still on call for the DC trip to accept the award from President Obama. The surgeon, father of triplets,  knows my level of interest in medical things, and came out to the waiting room after surgery Monday to show me pictures taken through the laparoscope. How many doctors have the opportunity to work on such a medical miracle as my spouse, let alone take a peek at a kidney transplanted in 1970? 

With the exception of a few, the doctors we have been dealing with us have been caring and kind, willing to go the extra step to see that we are all right. Even the dermatologist’s assistant, who  has assisted with all of the Moh’s surgeries on Earl, called yesterday to see how he was doing. She then called him at the hospital. ABCD-above and beyond the call of duty.

As always after major surgery, the third day post-op was the one where you feel like you were run over by a Mack truck. Earl felt this way. So did I after abdominal surgery 20 years ago, and after my initial trauma surgery. So, I went to a party at my former school given for five, count them, five staff members or their wives are expecting. A mass baby shower, if you will. It was fun, and a change from hospital sitting. As soon as the colon gets jump started, and he’s eating regular food, Earl will come home to the care of the cats. 

Thank you, Poudre Valley Hospital and Dr. Tom Chiavetta

Folks, if it your time to do so, get that screening colonoscopy!

3 thoughts on “No cancer for my guy!”

  1. Dear Aunt Mare-y,

    Wow, you’ve sure been through the ringer with Uncle Earl and Tip both sick at the same time. I’m so glad both that E is feeling much better and that you are waiting on Tip to help you make the decision. We old pets like to have input on when our time is, as you well know. We have a lot of life left in us until we don’t!


    Frosty (33 on June 16!)

    AKA: Frosty Ann Tobnoppin

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