Dogs chained in pick-ups: unenforceable?

Our county commissioners have tough issues regarding enforcement of dogs in the back of trucks. Commissioner Steve Johnson, a veterinarian, agreed that dogs should not be loose in the back of trucks, but said the county can only go so far in telling people what to do. I concur.

Veterinarians see injuries inflicted on dogs by dumb people who think it’s cool to have their best friend riding in the back of the truck. It’s not cool, it’s negligent; but who is going to enforce idiocy? Animal Control is plenty busy.

We were driving back from the airport on I-25 behind a pick-up that had a sheepdog chained in the back. The truck hit a bump, and the dog flew out, hanging by his neck. Fortunately, the chain snapped, and the dog skidded off the road. It took a few minutes for the truck to stop and come back. By that time, my sister, my husband, and I were helping the panicked dog. It was OK, except for road rash on all four paws, and some missing claws. It could have been far worse. The drivers were told where the CSU hospital was, but all they did was put the dog back and drive off without so much as a thank you.

If abuses of animal owners were to be imposed 100%, Larimer County would have to make a new Department of Animal Stupidity. I don’t think this is within the budget. The dogs lose.



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