So far, so good

Tipper is holding her own so far. She eats whatever is weird, such as cat food, peanut butter on biscuits, or potato chips. Her breathing has slowed down, a good thing. She enjoyed lying out in the rain in her dog pen today. She is very weak, but can get around.

Earl is having a procedure later today, so he will stay overnight. It will be difficult hand-feeding Tipper. She has food down all the time, but it’s the appetite we are concerned with. There is a difference between hunger and appetite. Hand feeding helps.

Earl was specific in that he didn’t want her to be euthanized while he was in the hospital, even though he does not wish to be present when she passes. Tipper will die at home, just as all our pets do with the exception of the horses. I just can’t take her for that final ride.

It is not time yet. I think she will go downhill quickly, because she is getting more debilitated and not getting enough nutrition. Especially sad is that we have shared an apple nearly every day. She gets a piece, then the core.

My biggest concern is Earl’s health, and getting him back to enjoying life. No matter how he is feeling, I know he wants what’s best for our Wonder Husky.

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