Angel Dog reporting for duty

People and pets I love who have passed on almost always come back to me to give me a sign that they are all right, usually within 48 hours.

Two days after Keli was put to sleep, I played a Sunday round of golf with my golf buddy, Diane. I later napped on the couch with baby Tipper alongside on the floor. Keli used to poke me with her nose. She was a ‘face dog;’ and I used to wrap my arm around her head and put my face against hers.

During this post-golf nap, I felt a nose poking my arm. In my sleep, I wrapped my arm around the beautiful black and white neck and pressed my face against Keli’s. Tipper was still lying on the floor snoozing. Keli had come back to say everything was OK.

Earl was released from the hospital the day before yesterday, and insisted on feeding the horses Friday morning. Later in the morning, he was in agony such that we had to call an ambulance for the second time this week. He was admitted for pain control, observation and tests, including a CT scan with contrast.

After our doctor left and before the CT, I came home to feed the horses supper. Horses have a finely tuned stomach clock you know. Scooter was just as filthy as a few weeks before, as the rain pond had returned. Not touching you, Buddy. Ick. As I left the barn it was tough looking at an empty dog pen. I still feel the need to bring the dog in when I come home.

While fumbling around with my stuff preparing to return to the hospital with supper for my mother-in-law and myself, I accidentally touched Tipper’s collar. It fell to the ground. This in itself is no big deal; things go to ground. But I had a feeling that the Wonder Husky was there in spirit, and had helped the collar go to the floor to alert me of this. I felt she was telling me she had crossed over, and was ready for duty as Angel Dog First Class.

After her death Tuesday, I took that collar to Earl’s hospital room, where it hung on his IV pole until he got out Thursday night. Last night, after the collar incident, we both agreed that Earl had an Angel Dog watching over him. The test results were good news, and it’s a matter now of Mother Nature and Father Time, plus some good pharmaceuticals and nursing, until Earl gets back on his feet.

From Wonder Husky to Angel Dog. We should all have one.

6 thoughts on “Angel Dog reporting for duty”

  1. I can very much relate to the thought of a furry loved one who has passed on coming back to say “hey…it’s me…and I’m ok”. I recently lost my Nupie. A chow/golden mix. He was 12 and had been suffering from CHF. When I let my other dog “Tequi” out the other morning…it was like I couldn’t get the back screen door all the way open…like something was blocking it. I started, out of habit,to say “Nupie..get back… Then I remembered…

    I think it really must have been Nupie there at the back door…just saying “Hey Mom…hey Tequi…I am feeling so much better now !”

  2. Mary,

    Read your article in June 13 (today’s) Coloradoan section on letting go of a family pet. Sorry to hear about passing of your Tipper…

    We have our first husky who is almost 12 and are mentally preparing for the inevitable event…great article.. cut out the article and putting in our husky related folder…

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