Today in Ask Frank

Franklin delivers our sad news.

6 Responses to Today in Ask Frank

  1. Marleen says:

    Frank – What a blessing “Dad” must have been to you and your Mom. You wrote a nice tribute to him and it was a lovely obituary.

  2. marycarlsondvm says:

    Thank you, Marleen. Dr. Mary treasures your NTL friendship. She wrote the obit. I couldn’t speak to the funeral home lady to discuss it. She didn’t speak cat.

  3. Tracy says:

    Frank…I am so sorry about your Dad. I know you will be a great comfort for your Mom in the coming days. Thank you for all you do for my friend Mary…

  4. marycarlsondvm says:

    Dear Tracy, I’m dialed to helping my Mom, Dr. Mary.

  5. Robyn says:


    I’m so sorry about your dad and cannot imagine the heartache you are going through. My rescue kitty, Smokey, brings me so much comfort so I know that you must be giving the same kind of peace and comfort to your mom. Please give her a snuggle and purr from her Nontradlaw friend in California.

  6. marycarlsondvm says:

    Thank you, Robyn. Are you a lawyer for cats?

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