6 thoughts on “Today in Ask Frank”

  1. Frank – What a blessing “Dad” must have been to you and your Mom. You wrote a nice tribute to him and it was a lovely obituary.

  2. Thank you, Marleen. Dr. Mary treasures your NTL friendship. She wrote the obit. I couldn’t speak to the funeral home lady to discuss it. She didn’t speak cat.

  3. Frank…I am so sorry about your Dad. I know you will be a great comfort for your Mom in the coming days. Thank you for all you do for my friend Mary…

  4. Frank

    I’m so sorry about your dad and cannot imagine the heartache you are going through. My rescue kitty, Smokey, brings me so much comfort so I know that you must be giving the same kind of peace and comfort to your mom. Please give her a snuggle and purr from her Nontradlaw friend in California.

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