Mother’s little drama queen

Yesterday I took the horses to the veterinary teaching hospital. Everyone greeted me and gave me hugs, as they all had an email from the dean about Earl’s death. I chatted with the hospital director, an equine practitioner who helped with Marcie on her last day, and he said, “Anything you need, Mary.”

Scooter had been extending his neck while eating his grain. Given his history of strangles, albeit not in the usual place, I wanted him checked out. We’ve had enough horror here without another equine disaster.

Hannah went with to provide comfort and support for Scoot-translate-so he wouldn’t go ballistic. Scoot is a wonderful, mellow guy who loves people. However, whenever he has work done one him, the dark side shows up.

There was no major problem, just some points on his teeth, which the residents filed off. Since she was there also, Hannah had hers done as well. A big thumbs up to IV sedation.

While the Baby was having her teeth done, our farrier, who was there for the morning, took Scoot to get his shoes on. It has been really muddy of late, so Shawn was going to do them both at the VTH as well as worm them. This is what Earl wanted done, but we had to cancel at home twice due to the storms and sloppy conditions.

I was with Hannah, but came around to where Shawn had Scoot just in time to see Scoot flip around and fall down not once, but twice. Shawn had tied him with no one watching. Can’t do this on my black and white buddy. I always untie him even when I cinch his saddle. At the hospital, he is a true drama queen. He fell down when released from the hospital after his abdominal surgery last year; when he had his dental last August-even his horseshoes made sparks when he scrabbled to get up; and he flipped out yesterday. He’s a lucky guy that he has never broken a bone.

My boy ended up with scraped lower gums, a small cut on his fetlock, a soaking wet, nasty coat, and a look of insult. Both horses got their shoes as well as worming medicine. An IV shot of pain medicine, and Scoot was good to go home. He went into the trailer at the speed of light. For now, the ponies are up to date on medical care.

While we were gone, Alex from the feed store came over to clean out wet hay from the sudden, violent storm Monday right before Earl’s service, and put in a few bales of gorgeous Elk Mountain hay. Scoot and Hannah had no problem cleaning up what was left on the floor. End of drama.

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