Today in Ask Frank

Franklin discusses numerology. He also had his bath Monday. I thought he was turning obese, so I cut down on the kitty fud. When he was groomed, he’s back to normal size, and while pleasingly not skinny, he’s just a really big cat.

2 Responses to Today in Ask Frank

  1. Dutch says:

    Hi Mary!

    I can relate to the story and the cat just being ‘big’? 🙂

    Sorry to ask here, but any idea what happened to the NTL forum?


  2. marycarlsondvm says:

    Hey Dutch! How ya doin’? Frank is a really, really big cat. He was looking obese, but after his bath, went back to being just a big cat instead of a big, fat cat.

    He’s my cuddler, and there is so much to squeeze.

    Many NTLers have emailed me. I don’t know what’s going on, but I have an idea for a new thread. I’m retiring the other one after over 8 thousand hits! Enough already. Take care!

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