Peace on the trail

After the scary weather this spring and summer, I bought one of those emergency weather radios today at the grocery store. I’ve heard them work. Very cool. I wish I had it Wednesday morning at 1 am when a storm woke everyone up in Larimer County.

We have had perfect Colorado summer weather the last three days. Yesterday, Hannah and I rode the perimeter of Lory State Park. What a good Baby. She is so fun to ride, and it’s nice to hear compliments on her beauty. Friday, I rode Scoot up the Timber Trail at Lory, a technical trail for experienced riders and bikers only. Last summer, Scoot became a monster of a mountain horse after rehabbing his horrendous surgery the previous winter. This was his first time going it alone without Hannah. I was concerned that he would wig out, but he didn’t.

Both horses have climbed Timber alone with me this summer. They have done well. No problems like, “Gee, I think I’ll spook at this rattlesnake and send Mary tumbling down the mountain!” I enjoyed the views of Fort Collins below. The vista expands all the way up into Wyoming. I love being up high and looking down and out across the short grass prairie. Deer and golden eagles were abundant.

I had a hunch all along on these perfect rides the last few weeks that Earl was riding along with us on Marcie, our Angel Horse. Friday, as Scoot and I rode the trail, I actually had a one-sided conversation out loud with Earl. Alone with Scoot on that mountain, I started to cry. I guess it had to come out. I haven’t been trying to hold emotions in, that’s unhealthy. But on that beautiful, peaceful perfect day, I knew the love of my life and the horse of my life were with me and Scoot on that gorgeous trail. Usually I converse in thought with the Almighty about what his plan is for me, and how I can be of service to Him and his children, human and animal.

On this Friday, I spoke to Earl and Marcie . There was peace.

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