Attention to detail

At the beginning of our ride yesterday, Scoot gave a little buck. Scoot does not buck. Last week on Timber Trail, he kept shaking his head. I finally looked at his head to see the chin strap on his bridle unhooked and flapping. I got off and fixed it. His attention to detail was better than mine. I thought he had spotted a big, big kitty.

The reason for the one buck yesterday was that the D-ring on my saddle came off causing the breast collar to come undone. It was tangled in Scoot’s feet. I dismounted, took it off, and returned it to the trailer. We then continued an uneventful, lovely ride.

Horses tell you in their own way that something is amiss. It is up to their humans to pay attention. The saddle, which is 30 years old, is now in the shop. This is OK, because the Cubs are in town for four whole days to play the Rockies. Oh joy.

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