Cubs/Rox- oh joy!

I finally went to a ball game. What a nice relief from all the stuff going on here. My beloved Cubs are in town for four games against the Rockies. Both teams are doing pretty well for this late in the season.

Coors Field fills with Cub fans when the North Siders are in town. The beautiful stadium, now growing ivy, bleeds red and blue. I talked to a young dad getting drinks for his little girls. I asked him where he grew up. Lake Forest, the town directly north from my hometown of Highland Park. He asked his girls, “And what do we sing?” The tiny ones launched into a rendition of “Go Cubs Go.”

When I got home, I fed the horses the rest of their supper, cleaned the barn, and went to bed a happy camper.

One thought on “Cubs/Rox- oh joy!”

  1. I was there too! All four games — including a couple of bisiting north-siders!

    You didn’t mention the Rockies won 3 of 4

    The Cubbies are out of it — and the Rockies are holding on by the skin of their teeth!

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