So, do I get a discount?

The cats love painters. While I have been having a few parts of my new home painted, they are all over the painter. Even Frank, who hides from strangers until he is comfortable, is present when painters are in the house.

They did this in Colorado. They adored Wade the painter, and followed him wherever he went. He’s a nice guy and a gifted painter, but now sells insurance in Steamboat Springs.

I don’t think it’s the smell of the paint, as for one bathroom a particularly noxious paint was used. It’s almost finished, so the smell is going away.

The one who likes to rub against the painter the most is Cowboy Joe. Remember he has that huge tail that he constantly waves. Perhaps I should lease him out as a paintbrush.

As an aside, I found in, of all places, a tub of kitty litter, a sample of kitty party mix. Looks just like the stuff we eat at parties. Cowboy loves feline greenies, and will sit up for them. The other two don’t particularly care for treats. Matthew, however, liked the party mix. How funny was that, a sample of kitty party mix in a tub of litter? Will pet food companies ever stop catering to what we humans like? For example, canned cat food, “slices of stewed chicken with fresh organic vegetables in a savory sauce.” Give me a break. All a cat cares about food is that it stinks. The healthiest food for a cat would be a can of whole, ground mouse. But who would buy that?

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