The giant, inflatable colon

Oy what a day. I spent the entire morning talking to the company that made my new copier, printer and fax machine. You can’t just by a fax machine by itself any more. There are a few on, but this will help me with my new adventure. I also got the cable, phone and internet guy to come and fix the cable, because as it turns out my TV has been on for over a month, even though I turn it off. Duh.

The crazy lawn guys came by at 5 pm, just a little late from our 1:30 time, and put giant pampas grass plants along the fence. I enjoy those two characters so much, and it was fun helping them plant, as I had a nice nap waiting for them. They are happy in what they charge me, to do little chores like vacuuming the leaves and helping me plant flowers. I love gardening, but it’s not so comfortable since I had my hip injury. After they left, I was awake enough to hike around the park with the pretty playa lake.

The stress of the move, and the fact that it’s ten months Monday since Earl passed has been affecting my health. I’m not sick, but everything I eat goes straight through. I’ve had these episodes before, and they go away eventually, leaving me ten pounds lighter. I can’t afford ten pounds. My friends laugh and remark how they’d love to lose ten pounds, but it isn’t funny. What I eat doesn’t matter, so I ordered two pounds of Fannie May Pixies® to add calories and pleasure. I also treated myself to a Mexican dinner brought home from a local chain. It’s fast food, but not junk food. I also see a GI doc next week if not for this, but for the fact that I’m due this year for a really rude procedure. Yep, I’m in the frequent flyer club.

Speaking of colons, I happened to go to the Poudre Valley Health System Facebook page. I cracked up at this entry: “The Prevent Cancer Foundation Super Colon, a giant, inflatable replica of the human colon, will be at MCR this month.” Who needs pink flamingos in the yard when one can have a super colon? It was also in the local Colorado paper that the wife involved in the balloon boy episode is due to start her sentence. What if they had sent up a giant, inflatable colon last fall instead of that flying saucer thing? No one would have thought a kid was trapped in there. It would have just looked like a giant piece of, well, sh^&!

Dr. Turner is soon to be transferred from MCR ICU directly to Craig Rehabilitation Hospital in Denver. He is so on my mind. I hope he can regain full function of his brain.

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