My masked Raiders

The mascot of my new school is the Red Raider. At football games, a masked guy called the Masked Raider  I think, dressed all in black, rides a black horse. My two ponies are close.

My sister reported today that for the first time, Scooter and Hannah wore their new fly masks all day. Her friend, CeCe, feeds all the horses in the morning and puts the masks on. Margo feeds in the evening, and takes them off. We were concerned that funny man Scoot would pull Hannah’s off, as he likes to grab her halter when it’s on.

He didn’t, all is well, and they are protected from the hordes of Arizona flying creatures. Only a few horses in Colorado wear fly masks. They are creepy-looking, as thought the horses are blindfolded or look like bank robbers, but they are designed so the horses can see just fine. But only Hannah could be called a Red Raider, although Scoot is black. Therefore, I have two horses that are red and black, respectevly. They would fit in here just fine.

I’ll check it out myself later this week and report back. Cheers!

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