Lonely Scooter, poor boy

Yesterday, Margo was busy with church, so I found a mall and did some retail therapy. Actually, I don’t know where all the underwear I packed was, so I had to get some. It was a hot  day anyway, so I waited until our usual late afternoon ride to go to where the horses are.

Darn it, in my 5 month absence from Tucson, mice have been chewing my saddle. My sister says they are pack rats, and it was a bad winter there also. While my  saddle is 31 years old, it is a fine Circle Y saddle. I have to get some Critter Ridder, as the owner of the property doesn’t want any poison there like D-Con, in case his dogs get into the shed. Critter Ridder is strong, industrial strength pepper.

Margo hasn’t ridden her horse, Chulita, as much as she should be. Chulita is an Appaloosa, nine years old who, like Hannah being a non-painted paint, is an unmarked Appaloosa. She is a rich, mahogany sorrel with a white blaze. Gorgeous.

Anyway, we went out riding with me on Hannah, and Margo on Chulita. Poor Scoot, he was left behind, and during our ride, told the whole world about it. We could hear him yelling from quite a distance. He got his own kind of exercise running around their pen. He was just as sweaty as the Baby when we got back from a fine ride.

Margo made me another artichoke from her garden, and we had some chicken and salad. It was a fine day. This trip can’t be as long as the last, as I have some things to take care of at home-the new one, and go back to Fort Fun to dump some more things and drive the last car down to Texas. My childhood friend, Linda, lives in Phoenix, and I want to see her. I’ll probably go home from Phoenix.

Keep you posted on the bereft black, non-stallion. The bright side of this is that he gets to be ridden next, mouse-bitten saddle and all.

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