So here I am in Tucson, riding daily and loving on Hannah and Scoot. My sister told me to get plywood to cover my trailer tires so they don’t sun rot in the heat of the summer. After I went to the store to get it this morning, I went to the horses.

I thought, gee, there’s a scruffy-looking dog. It wasn’t a dog, it was a really ratty coyote walking by bold as you please. This is why Margo insisted I vaccinate the horses for rabies before they shipped out of Colorado.

Then, near the horses, I looked up in a tree, and there was a phainopepla, hope I spelled that correctly, a gorgeous bird that looks like a black cardinal. I was pleased to find that Texas has cardinals as well as pyrroluxias, the third bird in the cardinal family. I will put up my feeders from Colorado to attract the cardinals to my little back yard.

Lastly, while I was lovin’ on the ponies, I looked behind me, and a  roadrunner was walking right behind where I was standing. It wasn’t bothered at all by my presence. Just out for an avian cruise, I guess.

That’s all for now from the land the color green forgot.

2 thoughts on “Arid-stone-ahhhhhh!”

  1. Mary,

    My cousin Lisa wants to know your e mail. If it’s on your website, I am too stupid to find it. I sent her a copy of your blog about Uncle Mark.


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