Cold and windy Phoenix???

I’m in Phoenix to visit my lifelong friend and neighbor. I’ll also have lunch with my stepsister tomorrow. These last couple of days have been cool and windy. Great time to leave Tucson and go visiting. Can’t ride.

I’ve had four wonderful rides, broke my little toe by walking barefoot in hotel room, and guts seem to be calming down.

Scoot and Hannah are so wonderful, but if I ride Hannah and Margo rides Chulita, her mare, Scoot screams the desert down and gets his own exercise by running around like a maniac until we return.

I continue to get good reports from the people taking care of the cats. The bathroom project is almost done, and should be finished tomorrow. I plan to leave Wed. as my new doctor said she wanted to see me to discuss my blood work. That’s a worry, but the receptionist said it was just about dose of thyroid meds. Fine, not a worry about that.

So, I’ll have had about eight rides in 12 days of being in Arizona, and touched base with friends and family.

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