Ain’t nothin’ but a (publicity) hound dog

Today I went with a friend to see one animal shelter she works with, and to a park where a group was holding an event to raise awareness for creating a much-needed dog park.

I handed out my business cards. The shelter needs vets. I can’t believe the tick infestations that dogs have here. We Coloradans are pretty lucky not to have such a heavy load of fleas and ticks. I better study up on tick-borne illnesses.

I used to do some writing for the local paper. Op-eds, letters to the editor and other commentary. People would ask me when I was going to write something again. But Earl died, and I moved away. The last thing I had in the paper was the memorial to Tipper the Wonder Husky that is in this section of DrinkingOutOfTheTrough. Look at the June entries.

The local news was there, doing on-camera interviews. I had talked to the organizers of the park. I told them I had just moved to town, spent 12 years on the Fort Fun parks and recreation board, and we had discussed and planned several dog parks, and gave them a card. The reporter, fresh out of college and in her first gig in a small market, wanted an on-camera interview with me. I’d let you know if I get on the news, but I think it’s the same time as the Kentucky Derby.

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