What a great cat

Matthew has been driving me crazy, making me wonder how I am going to study starting in July.

I set up an office where my laptop is as I write this. Since I have always been a dining room table studier, that’s set up also. Printer in each room, WiFi in the house.

With the laptop on this desk, a roll top, he’s been jumping up on the desk and putting his paws on the keys. I think he sent an email to the Dean about how stupid I really am and why did we move to Texas. When I speak to him to get down, he goes behind the computer in the recess of the desk’s top and hunkers down. I’ve had to physically drag him out of there to deposit him on the floor. I’ve come close to throwing him out the window, but he’s an inside cat.

A couple of days ago, he nearly jumped from the floor to the keyboard. Not cool. I got really mad at him, scruffed him, also not cool, and closed the door with him on the other side. When I opened the door, my littlest but toughest guy was lying right outside the door, waiting for me.

A few more times I came in here that day found Matthew waiting outside the door, whether I remembered to close the door or not.

A few minutes ago, I started to use the computer. He started to jump. I asked him to leave, then closed the door. When I opened it, he was resting on some plastic bags. I told him what a good kitty he is, and promised him that I would put a kitty cup there so he could wait outside the door for me.

Matthew has been amazing during this last horrific year. He has been my male protector, keeping close by my side as strangers come into my new house, moving from room to room with me, Frank and Cowboy Joe. I’m going to hold my tongue when he does something wrong, and change MY behavior. He’s just doing his job of being my Velcro cat; protecting me, comforting me, keeping me company and, most of all, loving me.

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