An honest day’s work for an honest buck

I hate holidays in general, the ones where it is this date, so be happy and spend mindlessly, getting others gifts they neither need nor want. I love Labor Day. I heard on the radio that Labor Day was to celebrate the labor unions. Well, this is right wing Texas so OK, do your thing boys.

I was studying in the library yesterday, and I saw my friend, Mr. Lopez, cleaning where my class is assigned to work, in the basement with the spiders. Sr. Lopez and I got to know each other a few weeks ago as I discussed here previously. I tend to be the only one around at times other students are watching football, getting drunk, or whatnot. He came buy with his equipment, and we introduced ourselves and chatted. Mr. Lopez is kind enough to help me converse in Spanish. In fact, that’s only the language he uses with me. I appreciate that so much, as I want my Spanish to improve. Being bilingual, especially in Texas, is essential.

I look forward to seeing Mr. Lopez. He works hard in a job that seems low on the hierarchy of positions from the Dean on down. I always honor those who work hard for an honest dollar. Labor Day is in your honor, Sr. Lopez.

Tu amiga, Mari’a

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