Go Cubs, er Rangers, Go

Why not the Cubs? Please, why not the Cubs? They were amazing in 1969-I have the autographed baseball. Amazing that is, until the laughable Mets came steamrolling along to crush every team in its wake.

Then there was the pennant race in 1984-My sister won a lottery for tickets, so I skipped vet school to go to San Diego to watch them dump it in the last two games. The Curse of the Billy Goat reared its ugly head, I guess. The ’89 team was pretty good, too.  The last team to ‘do good’ was in the ’03 against the fish. We had tix for a BB King concert in Fort Fun, and it was the same night as the seventh game of the pennant race. Earl took a friend. I missed BB King for nothing. Figures.

The Sox have faired a little better. I can still recount the starting lineup of the ’59 “Go Go Sox.” And, they won, repeat won the world series in ’05. My cousin, Gail, sent me all the Chicago Tribune papers about the win. Chicagoans do know how to celebrate.

So here I am in the Republic of Texas. My first fall here, and what do you know! The Rangers took the American League pennant. Woo-hoo! A real live baseball team. I think law professors should have a heart about the coming World Series, and postpone all studying while games are televised.

One of my classmates early in the year before I knew what a great guy he is proclaimed the Rangers were, in this Christian country, ordained by G-d to be America’s team. Thinking about my beloved North Siders, I could only think, “and Jesus wept.” Sheesh! The man was right, the team formerly owned by “W” is now the AL champs. “W” shoulda kept his real job, I’m talking about what he did best-own a baseball club.

I will look forward to watching the World Series, albeit with a wistful attitude, vicariously rooting for the Cubs. Of such is the Kingdom of Heaven. Meantime, sing along, yall. The anthem we love.

Ah well, wait ’til next year.

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