To Each His Own

Recently, I have been criticized by one of my childhood friends for the way I am raising Ivy. She is appalled that I keep her in a crate at night (in my bedroom looking at me), so the cats can sleep with me as well. Also, she wonders why my dog is not allowed to be free in the house. She is. It took 5 months, but now, Ivy no longer has a pen in the TV loft. I just make sure when it should be time to go out in her pen to eliminate.

My friend is appalled once again that Ivy has a dog pen. Well, I have a patio home, no back yard, so I turned the patio into a dog pen. Ivy gets her high-energy exercise with many walks, and trips to the dog park-the good one without college students and their untrained dogs.

I am a veterinarian, so I do know a little about pet care, right? Another thing I’m learning is that a book must have a good editor. You don’t just write something down and send it in for publishing. Apparently, this person has done so. Never seen one of her publications.

So, to each his own.

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