Are You an Organ Donor?

I just watched the evening news which reported that Hall of Fame baseball player Rod Carew got a new heart from Konrad Reuland, a 29-year-old football player for the Baltimore Ravens. Another person got one of Reuland’s kidneys. The tragedy of Reuland’s death brought quality of life to his donors.

Have you signed up to be an organ donor? It’s easy enough to do on your driver license. I’m an organ donor. I have a personal reason why.

For 27 wonderful years, I was married to a man who had a kidney transplant for 39 years. Earl was lucky-he didn’t have to be on a donor list and wait with agonizing worry. His Uncle Jerry was a match. Earl had his transplant April 17, 1970, during the Apollo 13 crisis.

People who need organ transplants feel lousy. The instant they wake up from the transplant, they feel back to normal. Earl lived a full life and accomplished many important projects in his role as Colorado’s Animal Welfare Veterinarian.

You don’t need your vital organs after you “slip the surly bonds of Earth.” Step up and sign up. There are more people waiting for organs that there are organs available.

Please consider giving this great gift.

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