I love paws!

I think paws are the cutest thing on the planet. Dog or cat, doesn’t matter.

I love it when Ivy is groomed. As a doodle, she is not given “poodle paws”, where all the toes show. They do a “teddy bear trim” on Ivy so it looks like a hair covered toe-less dog.

What animals do with their paws besides the obvious are just so stinking cute. I’ve been trying Ivy to balance sitting up. We’re not there yet. And, it won’t be “beg.” That is undignified. She is learning to roll over, but we call this sliding, and she does it with the ball-sliding on one side, rolling on to her back, then slide on the other side. No roll over, that, too, is undignified in my opinion. Nothing feels so good to her as sliding on a nice area of grass.

When Ivy is maniacally chasing the launched ball, she is trained to bring it back, turn around like an air plain turning off the runway to go to the jetway, only she turns around and comes to me and lies down. She holds the ball in her paws, and tries to bite off the covering. These are rubber balls, and this cannot be done. She does that to tennis balls.

She has other tricks involving paws, the usual “paw” tricks. No “shake” command for her.

I must confess something I love. Her front pads smell so good! How kinky is that? Not the back paws, we don’t know what they have stepped in. Ivy’s paws (pads) smell better than buttered popcorn. Now I don’t just sit in my chair with the dog on my lap. Ivy is active with her paws, including putting a forelimb around my shoulders as if to say, “Yo, Bud.”

I don’t recommend grabbing your dog to sniff its paws, but next time you trim claws, give it a sniff!