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Dr. Mary

Dr. Mary Carlson


Mary Carlson, DVM, MA, CVA, reached a decision in the fall of 2008 that she would no longer practice clinical veterinary medicine. She sustained a nasty bite through a fingernail from a feral kitten that served as a wake up call.

Every veterinarian is bitten at least once in her career, but Dr. Mary’s situation is a little different. She suffered a hip fracture in 2004 coming off her young mare, Hannah. Poor Hannah, she did nothing wrong. It was pure Newtonian physics. The injury turned out to be quite the orthopaedic journey. It required three operations; last of the three was to replace the hip. Infections are known to go straight to an implanted joint, so the risk of a cat bite is not taken lightly, as 80% of them become infected. It was a difficult decision to make, not practicing the day-to-day veterinary medicine that she so loved in order to not compromise the hip. The risks were too great.

After working in the Anesthesiology Department at the CSU James L. Voss Veterinary Teaching Hospital following graduation, and practicing general small animal medicine and surgery, Dr. Mary became a feline-exclusive veterinarian. Her practice was called Blue Spruce Cat Clinic PC, and was run out of her home in a converted one-car garage. Before opening BSCC, she practiced at the Feline Veterinary Clinic in Falls Church, Virginia. Dr. Mary also was a lecturer in the CSU Department of Anatomy teaching veterinary anatomy to first-year students. She also spent a summer at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as a guest researcher in the Division of Vector-Borne Infectious Diseases (DVBID) section researching Yersinia pestis infection in cats (plague.)

Veterinary acupuncture was the next adventure. Dr Mary became certified by the International Veterinary Acupuncture Society in 2002. Her favorite species of animal to acupuncture is the horse. Her palomino paint mare, Marcie, suffered many episodes of colic. Acupuncture and a special diet helped Marcie live a long, happy life of 30 years.

Dr. Mary is a graduate of Colorado State University, Fort Collins, Colorado, in both teaching and veterinary medicine. She also has a master of arts degree in education from Northwestern University. In addition to being a veterinarian, Dr. Mary is a retired public school physical education and science teacher, as well as a community volunteer. She spends part of the year in Tucson, Arizona, and volunteers with the Tucson Wildlife Center.

Dr. Mary has written professionally for Feline Practice journal,Cat Fancy, and Kittens USA, and contributes frequently to the local newspaper. Dr. Mary has been a member of the Northern Colorado Writers.

6 Responses to About Dr. Mary

  1. Rogene says:

    I have been reading your observations and advice, each well-written and interesting. I finally found your website, written on the tiny yellow piece of paper, and am so pleased. I shall follow your columns at least once a week. I’ve always been an animal lover and have had sweet dogs and cats throughout Tom’s and my 57 year marriage. Lucky me!! Keep up the great writing, Mary.

  2. marycarlsondvm says:

    Thanks, Rogene. Coming from an English teacher, you made my day. Happy reading!

  3. Tref says:

    Mary: Will definitely consider a visit. I love Colorado! Oh yeah, it would be nice to see you too!!

  4. Lance Mead says:

    Mary, your postings are terrific, informative and certainly have caught my attention. The world needs a well grounded anchor in realism to off-set the un-realities we all face. Your blog is the anchor to keep the rest of us from drifting to far into deep, uncharted waters. Keep up the good work.

  5. marycarlsondvm says:

    Thank you, Lance. Together, we are part of a large team of people rooting for our CarlyGirl.

  6. anne curtis bacon says:

    I am looking for information about Robert Pierson, DVM. I believe that you may have some of his art work. He is an old friend of my mother’s. She is now 90 and has been talking about him and I told her I would try to find out if he is still living, and if so where he is. Thank you.

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