Blizzard! Ivy wants to know why she had to have a “fluff and buff”

Unknown to most flatlanders, the snowiest month of the year is March. Right, almost spring. May is the wettest month, with lots of rain and hail.

We had a genuine blizzard that started the day before yesterday. This was a new thing for me, a “bomb cyclone.” I never heard this term, just as I never heard the term haboub until I moved to Texas. This is a sudden dust storm that covers everything. It’s like the films you see about the dust bowl. Haboubs also occur in Arizona.

So Ivy had her scheduled fluff and buff. As a Goldendoodle, she does not shed, she mats. Also, to visit her friends at Spring Creek, she has to be well groomed, and I have to be broke.

It was so cold yesterday with high winds and blowing snow. I only left my warm bed to take care of empty stomachs.

Ivy went to the door to use her pen for potty issues, took one look, stepped outside, and turned right around. Sorry, Ivy, I left the door so she wouldn’t see me, and she did her business. If she were a husky, she would have reveled in the weather. But after doing her thing, ran to the door, came in, and took my place on the bed. We never made it to the nursing home. This is one time, I won’t use the Subaru. Too extreme.

Later this week, it’s supposed to be 50. Welcome to Colorado. If you don’t like the weather, wait a minute!