So here I am in Tucson, riding daily and loving on Hannah and Scoot. My sister told me to get plywood to cover my trailer tires so they don’t sun rot in the heat of the summer. After I went to the store to get it this morning, I went to the horses.

I thought, gee, there’s a scruffy-looking dog. It wasn’t a dog, it was a really ratty coyote walking by bold as you please. This is why Margo insisted I vaccinate the horses for rabies before they shipped out of Colorado.

Then, near the horses, I looked up in a tree, and there was a phainopepla, hope I spelled that correctly, a gorgeous bird that looks like a black cardinal. I was pleased to find that Texas has cardinals as well as pyrroluxias, the third bird in the cardinal family. I will put up my feeders from Colorado to attract the cardinals to my little back yard.

Lastly, while I was lovin’ on the ponies, I looked behind me, and a  roadrunner was walking right behind where I was standing. It wasn’t bothered at all by my presence. Just out for an avian cruise, I guess.

That’s all for now from the land the color green forgot.

My buddy Tux

We have a stray cat in the neighborhood. Tux has been around since before Alexander died. I looked out the window one day and told Earl that Al had gotten out. A closer look revealed that Tux’s white on his nose extended above his eyes, while Al’s stopped at the top of his nose.

I tried to pick Tux up once and was ripped to shreds. He is truly feral, probably a dump from a college student. We got to know each other last summer when my neighbor asked me to feed her horses for a few days, give a hot dog to a fox (bad idea) and to give Tux some kitty fud. I would stroke his thin body, and discover his wonderful purr. Tux and the foxes had a deal where they left each other alone.

Right now, Tux is frightened of the foxes. They are pretty aggressive in protecting their kits. Mr. Fox watches my neighbor, Marylynn, when she gets near their den under her hay pile.

Tux has been coming up to our back door. Another bad idea, because Matthew may start doing the carpet again, as he did when another stray cat came close to the house. Marylynn caught her, and she lives inside now. I’ve been bad in taking Tux a little of Tipper’s dog food. It might as well go to a good cause. Tux enjoys it when I sit with him when he eats. He likes pets while he eats also.

I wrestle with the idea of a cat coming close to being fox food, but Tux is a part of the ‘hood. I don’t want to catch him and send him to a rescue. I like to see him sleeping on the hay in the barn. I just hope he will do his job as a mouser, stay safe and enjoy a little food on the Angel Husky.

See the photo gallery for a picture of Tux.