Doodles Make You Smile Every Day

April 27, 2017

Ivy the Goldendoodle puppy is looking at seven months more like a dog than a puppy. I am starting to leave her loose in the house for longer times. This evening, I attended our monthly Parks and Recreation board meeting. When I got home, Ivy didn’t look guilty at all. She must have been sleeping by her door to her pen, but she was sitting at attention, straight as a four star general.

The filth from this morning’s jaunt to the dog park was mostly gone. Just my luck to get a white and tan parti color girl with sable ears and green eyes. Her eyelashes are 3″ long.

Since her Canine Good Citizen class doesn’t start until June, we go to Canine Learning Center for drop-in obedience. She’s the youngest dog there, definitely not a show dog, but for the recall exercise, I leave her in a sit stay (sometimes she will stay,) walk away and call, “Ivy, come”! She leaps into the air, runs like lightning, and leaps into a sit at my feet. The other ladies laugh hysterically because Ivy is so stinkin’ cute. This week, she knows how to “finish”, i.e., go back into the heel position. I taught her that last week for the price of one Cheerio. She will do anything for a Cheerio.

As her drop-in teacher, Julie Yamane, likes to say, “Mary, Doodles make you smile every day.”

Hail to the Doodle!

April 5, 2017

The motto for Colorado weather is if you don’t like the weather, wait a minute. I was in the TV loft yesterday vegging, when the room started getting dark. I looked out the window, and there were gentle snowflakes falling. I looked again, and it was pouring rain. Remembering that Ivy was out (don’t worry, she has a covered porch also), I went to get her. Hailstones on the ground.

Now imagine a curly Doodle with hailstones just the right size to fit into the middle of her curls, and you have a new breed-the Hailstone Golden Doodle!


March 19, 2017

Well, things are settling down from arm fracture. I just can’t hold heavy objects or have it pulled, like if I am not thinking, and have Ivy’s leash in my hand.

Ivy got her first puppy cut Friday, and Frank his usual grooming.

One morning, after the dog park, I stopped at Pier One to get Cowboy Joe a papasan footstool. He uses it as a way up onto the bed. The first night Ivy used her big dog sleeping crate, Joe wasn’t on the bed. But all is well, now. I don’t really know how a veterinary ophthalmologist could evaluate depth perception, but CJ has had it all his life.

Fort Fun was in the 80s yesterday, and is going to be warm but windy today. Ivy went to the front door indicating she wanted to have a walk. I told her to come back and carry her leash to the door. How cute is a puppy carrying her leash to the door because she wants a walk?

FURminators for spring coats

March 30, 2009

There are many tools used to groom animals. I particularly like the Matbuster®. It’s great for raking through kitty mats without risk of cutting skin. When I purchased a FURminator® for the cats, I was less than impressed. It’s a clipper blade to which a handle had been attached. Big whoop. It was trademarked, and the inventor is making zillions. Besides wishing I had thought of this myself, I also wish I held the patent for Velcro® and had purchased Google stock when the IPO was one dollar a share. The small unit worked OK. In the past my cat groomer had recommended to take a clipper blade without the clipper, and comb the cats with it. The cats were not amused. Once a cat decides it’s had enough, you are done. Call it a day.

The Wonder Husky isn’t that easy to furminate either. I love nouns that turn into verbs, by the way. To medal in the Olympics is a favorite. Huskies typically shed their undercoats in June, and once again before winter sets in, usually late September. For the past two years, Siberians have been dumping their coats all summer, making the yard look like a snowscape. I asked Mary, who has the boarding kennel where Tipper goes and has Huskies, if she experienced the same thing. She did. Huskies can be furminated, but it is tough when they really need to have their coats baled. Many people save the fur from their Huskies, Malamutes and Samoyeds to turn into wool. When Tip gets close to being done shedding, I take her to Mary with instructions to bathe her and return half a pup. I really can’t see myself wearing a sweater made out of my dog.

My sister sent us a wide FURminator® for the horses. Margo swears by it. By golly, she was right! Horses lose their coats all spring, and it’s a real mess. The hair gets all over your clothes, and since it adheres to Chapstick, it’s not all that tasty, either. Phthooey! The birds appreciate it though, for their nests. I’ve been furminating the ponies during the warm weather we’ve had this winter. Scoot and Hannah know they look stylin’.

Today I went outside to clean the barn. Getting the wheelbarrow out involves tossing hay out the window, so the horses go around outside and eat while I clean, instead of trying to get into the hay room for a snack. Scooter, in his inimitable spirit, chose to pick the shovel up in his teeth and sweep it from side to side. Mother’s little helper. I couldn’t clean at that moment because I was laughing too hard, so I got the Furminator and began to run it gently over Scoot’s and Hannah’s coats. Bingo! After Thursday’s blizzard, they were ready to be groomed.

I emailed my sister earlier in the month to tell her I was maniacally furminating the horses, and was there a 12-step program for this. She was pleased that her gift was so well received, telling me how her horses in Arizona were shedding as well. OK, now I love my wonderful sister, but isn’t there just a little bit of difference between an Arizona winter coat and a Colorado winter coat? How hard can that be to get a winter coat off horses that live an hour from Mexico?

Send me your favorite noun that has morphed into a verb. Be sure to use it in a sentence. There will be extra credit for this assignment.

Today in “Ask Frank”

January 28, 2009

Franklin anticipates his bath tomorrow. Tough life, kid.

Today in “Ask Frank”

December 8, 2008

Franklin discusses cat bathing, and gives information about having your cat professionally groomed.