I have the best cousins in the world.

These coming two months, April and May, are the last two of the intense publicity campaign for my book, Drinking from the Trough.

Ivy and I are going to Tucson for the month of April, where I have a home, and will do some meet and greets there. I have a lot of classmates and professors living there. I also go up to my cousins John and Ellen’s home in Scottsdale for Passover Seder. I stay over night, then spend the next day with my childhood next door neighbor and friend for over 60 years, Linda. She lives in Phoenix. Don’t know how this will work this year. I hope to only have to do that drive once.

I had found a nice place for Ivy to board, Tucson Dog Ranch. Then Ellen said to bring her, and while I was busy, Ivy could hang out at their house. Whew! That’s a load off my mind. Ellen is very cool and loving. When she hikes Tucson (she is a very serious hiker, often doing the entire Grand Canyon), she stays at my place.

So now I’m more relaxed about the dog. The cats, not so much. All three are elderly, and it’s a little sad to have to write a letter giving permission for euthanasia should things go south. They are fine, though, but you never know when one will crash.

It was fun to get a royalty statement. Not exactly the NYT best seller list, but it’s new. If you don’t have a copy, you can find one in print paperback, ebook and audiobooks. I promise you will enjoy it.

It’s available at the usual places: Amazon, BN, Findaway Voices, Audiobooks.com(an Amazon site,) and Downpour.com. The book makes a great gift. Most people like to read about animal stories. Enjoy!