Photo Gallery

Ivy air-running!

Ivy air-running!

Ivy can fly!

Ivy can fly!

Higher and higher!

Higher and higher!

OK. Ivy's done now! Phew!

OK. Ivy’s done now! Phew!

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8 Responses to Photo Gallery

  1. Charles says:

    Tipper is beautiful Mary!

  2. Cat Person says:

    Glad you found a solution for Tipper’s sore or missing teeth. I have several older and not so older kitties who have had to have teeth removed. One feeding method they just love is to soak their dry kibble in water for 30 minutes before serving. It poofs up like marshmallows. They have a choice of this or the same food dry and hard and love both. I’m sure it would work for pups also.

    Cat person.

    • marycarlsondvm says:

      Thank you, Cat Person. There are many solutions for pets with sensitive teeth. We have been brushing Tipper’s teeth, adding a solution to the pet water, and she gets regular dental checkups and senior dog blood work in addition to my periodic scaling of her teeth. We are lucky that Tipper is compliant with these. I don’t think she has sore teeth, I think she just prefers the smaller bite food. I will do anything for my dog. She is the best!

  3. Numbersman says:

    My handle, Numbersman, is entirely a cover. I am really a handsome, finely toned, and quite charming black Labrador Retriever, and very much in awe of the care you give to these spoiled-rotten brothers and sisters of mine. Actually, it makes me very jealous. If my so-called “Masters” die, may I contact you, Dr. Mary, and/or Catperson? I do not eat as much as you might expect, and I know it’s not polite to pee and poop in certain places. What more could you possibly want?

    Slobbers and shakes to all.


    • marycarlsondvm says:

      Hey Doggiewoggie, I know your human, and I’m sure he is taking wonderful care of you. Just make sure you are in the will. Wags to you, Puppy Monster!

  4. Numbersman says:

    You didn’t answer my question, Dr. Mary. (I really hate to address my inferiors as Dr., but I guess that’s the pc thing to do these days.)

  5. marycarlsondvm says:

    Yes, Numbersman, you may contact me if your humans croak. Do you do taxes as well as your Dad, or you just an all-around good dog? I’m not sure about the slobber, my friend. Huskies don’t smell, and they don’t slobber. Our mutual friend, Dr. Jean, was going to take the dog and cats if anything happened to us.

  6. Sid cat mother says:

    I’m enjoying your blog. Your animal loving heart is full of good advice. Right now I don’t have any questions. My brood of four is happy and healthy for the time being. They do have a touch of spring fever ….. as do I.

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